On this page, we'll use the default prefix of +. Of course, your server prefix may have been changed on the web interface. In any case, add the correct prefix before starting a command. Visit our website





Show a list of commands or details of the specified command.


Get the server online logs, and webpages about a specific user.


Get a bot invite link to install VagueAgency on your server

+whatis <word>

Word meanings from Urban Dictionary.


Show some information about the bot like the author and essential commands


A simple command to grab some userinfo


Check the health of the connection between the bot and Discord.


Run a quick check of the bot permissions on the channel, useful to figure out why the bot isn't working properly.

+weather [city]

This command allows you to see the weather in custom city!

+roleinfo <@role>

Get info about mentioned role, like position, color etc


Normal say command

+translate [from] [to] [text to translate]

ex- +translate en ja Hello world. Note +t and +ts can be used instead of translate


Shows the available language codes for translation.

+tweet (username) (content)

Send custom tweets using the name and tweet the caller uses.


This commands is used for grabbing Some Fresh Memes


This command is used for grabbing a Fresh picture of a Dog


Random Joke


A fake hack command


Calls for the price of crypto coins. At the moment 4 coins are added.

+bugreport <bug>

Reports a bug to our development team.

+suggest <suggestion>

Suggests a feature to our development team.




+ban {user}<reason>

Ban the users provided in the command, with an optional reason.

+softban {user} <reason>

Ban and unban the users given to remove the recent messages they sent. You may add a reason to be displayed.


Setup Mute roles for Mute cmd.

+kick {user}

Kick the users from your server.

+mute {users} <duration>

Mute a member. (chat & voice)

+unmute {muted_user} <reason>

Unmutes user.

+unban {banned_user}

Unban users from your server. They'll be able to rejoin using a new invite.


Creates an amazing "Join to create channel" with automation

+embed <announcement>

Instead of typing the same old non cool looking announcement, let our bot do it. Setup the announcement how you usually would just use with the command in the beginning. The bot will announce the command in embed form, looking very neat and professional :)

+purge <amount>

Purge messages.


Purge all messages in a channel.

+prefix (prefix)

Sets a server-specific prefix




+lyrics [song name]

Shows the lyrics to the currently-playing song


Shows the song that is currently playing.

+play <title|URL|subcommand>

Plays the provided song.


Shows the available playlists

+queue [pagenum]

Shows the current queue


Removes a song from the queue

+search <query>

Searches Youtube for a provided query

+scsearch <query>

Searches Soundcloud for a provided query


Shuffles songs you have added


Votes to skip the current song


+forceremove <user>

Removes all entries by a user from the queue


Skips the current song

+movetrack <from> <to>

Move a track in the current queue to a different position


Pauses the current song

+playnext <title|URL>

Plays a single song next

+repeat [on|off]

Re-adds music to the queue when finished

+skipto <position>

Skips to the specified song


Stops the current song and clears the queue

+volume [0-150]

Sets or shows volume


+setdj <rolename|none>

Sets the DJ role for certain music commands

+settc <channel|none>

Sets the text channel for music commands

+setvc <channel|none>

Sets the voice channel for playing music